Pipe Line Inspection Service API 570

Pipeline Inspection Services API 570 – in a nut shell – ensures that our customers’ prized asset performs its functions effectively and efficiently, with no damage to the health & safety of any living beings and the environment; and also has the means to ensure that it continues to do so over its entire lifecycle. With growing demands and regulations governing environmental impact and safety considerations, pipeline operators are facing huge challenges to assess, mitigate risk factors and assure quality of pipeline operations in order to demonstrate its Integrity. 

By partnering with us, our customers can rest-easy, as our:


  • Cutting-Edge Technology;
  • Highly Experienced And Qualified Personnel; And
  • Comprehensive Inspections, Maintenance, Audits And Certifications Programs,

Will ensure their pipeline systems strictly comply to every single industry requirement and applicable local regulations. Our team of API Certified Inspectors deliver Pipeline Inspection services that typically include:


  • Visual Condition Assessment
  • Liquid Penetrant Examination (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle Examination (MT)
  • Identification of TMLs
  • Ultrasonic Thickness measurement/ Flaw detection
  • Long Range UT Ultrasonic Test LRUT- screening of pipes
  • Internal inspection using Crawler Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)
  • Remaining Life Assessment
  • Full Certification to API 570 requirement.