Construction Phase Assessment

Nowdays, many corrective actions will be difficult to be carried out in order to achieve proper quality based on the specification. Therefore, construction phase assessment will able to inform the client regarding the quality of the building during construction period. These assessments will also be able to set up the preventive action if it found any discrepancies out of specification.

Construction Phase Assesment scope is including
1. Re-designing structure calculation based on additional loads which performed during construction period.
2. Incoming structure and finishing material testing & inspection.
3. Installment structure and finishing material testing & inspection.
4. Structure Strength Testing (Reinforcement Bar, Concrete, Steel Structure, etc).
5. MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Testing and Commisioning.
6. Construction Safety Assessment, Audit and Inspection.
7. Quality Management System Assessment and Audit.

In order to achieve proper quality during construction phase, there are several inspection and testing which need to be carried out, such as
1. Material Dimension and Thickness Inspection
2. Reinforment Bar Tensile Test
3. Reinforment Bar Bending Test
4. Mechanical Coupler Slipage Test
5. Drilled In Rebar Pull Out Test
6. Slump Test
7. Concrete Compressive Test
8. Water and Chloride Penetration Test
9. Steel Structure Non Destructive Test
10. Micro Painting Thickness Test