Civil and MEP Construction

Delivering ontime schedule, decent quality and safe work become major challenge in construction industry. To achieve the proper delivery, the contractor must has decent team and work method in order to secure the work which will satisfy the client.

There several points which become our main priority in order to keep our position in competitive construction environment, there are :

 Ontime delivery
Smooth delivery based on the approved schedule is one of the most important constraint. In order to achieve it, our team was consists of qualified personnel who has appropriate experience in the field.

 Decent quality of works
Maintenance a decent quality during construction period until hand over period is one of our company target. Several inspections and tests will be established before executing the project. Customer satisfaction is one of our goal.

 Safety work environment
In order to decrease the accident or nearmiss during construction, a proper safety management system is required. Our team basicly has been prepared with suitable safety training and has strong experience to carry out the work with good safety attitude.

Our services in construction related to :
1. Infrastructure and civil works, mainly factory / warehouse, low and mid rise building.
2. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works